Maintenance Agreement

A qualified service technician will make weekly trip(s) every month on a designated weekday (any change of the designated weekday made by customer will incur additional fees) to the location to perform the for:

  1. Backwash filter system when needed (D.E. included).
  2. Clean tile in pool (cleaning suntan oils and organic materials from tile-not mineral deposits).
  3. Clean strainer basket (as needed).
  4. Vacuuming, leaf mastering or leaf raking of the pool (as needed).
  5. Chemical testing of pool and balancing water with chlorine and acid (as needed).
  6. Complete water analysis.
  7. Skim water surface each visit.
  8. Brush pool and walls of pool (as needed).
  9. Care and maintenance of the filter equipment.(additional charges required).
  10. Elimination and control of an algae problem (additional charges required).
  11. Refilling of chlorinator bucket and tubing adjustments (additional charge for tubing)
  12. Rainy day schedules shall consists only of chemical testing of the water, adding any necessary chemicals and checking the operation of all pool equipment.
  13. Technician will have a company shirt so they will be easily recognized as a Low Buck Pools employee
  14. The service day may change due to unforeseen circumstances such as truck repairs, illness, doctor appointments, holiday, etc., but pools will be serviced monthly.
  15. Low Buck Pools takes the weeks of Thanksgiving and Christmas off There are 52 weeks in a year, Pool Service will be provided for 48 weeks out of each and every year, therefore your monthly bill will average out to pay for four weeks every time. The additional 2 weeks off will be held as "floating" for Illnesses of staff and/or further education and certifications to better serve you.

There will be no credits issued to the customer for service not provided due to locked gates, animal problems or any other problems beyond our control that might prohibit us from servicing your pool or spa. If you feel a service visit was missed for any other reason, please call our office within 24 hours and the visit will be rescheduled. We are also not responsible for the actions of animals on your property during our visits. Low Buck Pools may terminate service at any time during the term hereof, for convenience and without cause.

The owner agrees to:

  1. Keep monthly service payments current. Past due payments are subject to late fees and interest charges.
  2. Acknowledge that the rate established under this agreement is for monthly service.
  3. Maintain normal water level in the pool.
  4. Add any chemicals left by service technicians on the day indicated.
  5. Keep trimmings from trees and plants away from the pool area.
  6. Add chlorine between regular service calls if needed. In such cases, the chlorine will be provided.
  7. Remove any type of pool cover on the day scheduled for service.
  8. Keep the average water temperature below 82 degrees Fahrenheit or agree to pay for additional chemicals.
  9. Keep pool and spa equipment in good repair.
  10. Contain any aggressive animals that may prevent us from being able to perform our services; and agrees to pay for additional trips* required to complete services.
  11. Keep all dogs and animals secured away from the pool area while Low Buck Pools completes services. Low Buck Pools is not responsible for keeping any animals on property while providing service.

*Prorated charges apply. The customer authorizes Low Buck Pools to make any repairs that will cost less than $50 without prior notification to the customer and to leave all old parts on the job site for inspection. Charges for such repairs will be added to the next monthly bill. All other repair work will require prior authorization by the customer and payment shall be made upon completion of the repair.

Additional charges not included in the monthly service rate:

  1. The owner will pay for an annual conditioning charge (if necessary).
  2. Any algaecide that may be required.
  3. Shock treatments.
  4. Any repairs to the pool or related pool equipment requested and/or authorized by the owner.
  5. Any chemicals used to correct abnormal fill water or problems due to improper chemical maintenance that occurred prior to this service agreement.
  6. Water clarifiers.
  7. Stain and/ or metal removers and phosphate removers.
  8. Automatic filter cleanings every 6 months for $120.